Out & About: Ring in the New Year at Thousand Trails!

If champagne toasts and dancing the night away sound like your idea of New Year’s Eve fun, then ring in 2018 at Thousand Trails! Campers all over the country will be saying, “goodbye to 2017!” with New Year’s Eve Themed Weekends! Check out the 2018-2019 volume of Theme Weekends Guide in the May 2018 issue … [Read more…]

PICS from the PARKS – October 2016

Winners will receive a $50 Visa® Gift Card. Each issue we will select ONE “winning” photo from the submissions received (all submissions must be received by midnight on the last day of the month). The winning photo will be posted on the TrailBlazer website as well as in the magazine. Photo submissions should include a … [Read more…]

On The Go: Spring Cleaning at Thousand Trails

Ahh, spring cleaning. That inevitable chore that we all try to avoid, but ultimately, after it’s done, it feels so good to have cleaned out the clutter in your life! We don’t all need to be minimalists, but lots of us at Thousand Trails know what it’s like to live in a small space and … [Read more…]

Out -N- About: Halloween Events at Thousand Trails

Don’t miss out on all the Halloween fun! Here’s a list of some of the Halloween events coming to Thousand Trails. Remember to check the Theme Weekends guide for a closer look at all the events offered! Almost all sites that are open will have trick-or-treating. Site Decorating Contests, Pumpkin Carving Contests, Costume Contests Pacific … [Read more…]

Southeast Zone

Check out some of these opportunities to check off a few things on your Summer Fun List. And remember, no matter which preserve is your choice, the opportunity to catch fireflies, make s’mores, and enjoy the company of friends and family in the great outdoors is always on the list when you’re camping. Dangle your … [Read more…]

Thousand Trails Property Spotlight: Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay Preserve is a family favorite for enjoying the great outdoors.  Encompassing 280 wooded acres in coastal Virginia, the resort is just upstream from the Bay itself and rests on the banks of the Piankatank River, which offers plenty of water fun including water skiing, swimming, fishing, crabbing, and boating. With its proximity … [Read more…]

Midwest Zone | January 2014

Make a New Year’s Resolution to see what other Zones have to offer. Read on to see what our other Zones may offer that’s similar to your favorite spot in your Zone. If you love the variety of fishing opportunities that the Midwest Zone offers, consider visiting these other Zones to see what’s jumping! In … [Read more…]

Property Spotlight – Chesapeake Bay

If water fun heads your list for summer adventure, don’t miss a stay at Chesapeake Bay Campground. Located in Gloucester, Virginia, this resort offers plenty of water activities including boating, jet skiing, swimming, fishing and crabbing. Thanks to its location on the banks of the Piankatank River, there’s no shortage of water fun. Situated on … [Read more…]