1. Susan Stauffer

    I really don’t like the first hack “snag a handful or two” of things from fast food restaurants. If you aren’t using it on THAT visit, it would feel like “stealing” to me. I think TT is BETTER than encouraging that type of behavior!

    • elsmarketing

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your feedback! Just like you said, we are definitely better than to encourage people to steal! Which is why we changed the wording in this blog post to better reflect what we meant. The tip was meant to encourage campers not to waste the ketchup, salt & pepper packets that may have been leftover from their fast food meals. We never encourage anyone to steal and we hope that the wording in this blog post is more clear.


    are you asking peoplle to steal from fast food restaurant
    the salt and pepper packets.
    Shame on you!

    • elsmarketing

      Hello Ellen,

      No, we certainly do not encourage stealing! We realize our miswording in this blog post. We meant to say that campers could use the packets leftover from other fast food meals to season their food on camping trips. We thank you for your feedback!

  3. Leo

    “Snag a handful or two….”

    I believe the operative word there is “steal”. I’m literally embarrassed for you to have published such a thing. For a business owner, those items are pure loss and are offered as a courtesy accoutrement.
    Why not also bring a 5 gallon bucket to the fast food joint and fill it with ice? How about soda? Bring more buckets! Fill a bag with toilet paper from the restroom.

    It’s theft.

    • elsmarketing

      Hi Leo,
      We apologize if it sounded like we were suggesting our readers steal from fast food restaurants. What we meant to say was that campers could use the packets leftover from other fast food meals to season their food on camping trips. We think you’ll be pleased to see that we’ve updated our camping hacks so that no one will be encouraged to steal. We thank you for your feedback!

  4. Brenda Green

    If you are tent camping:
    1. carry a rake. Rake the ground where you will put your tent, for rocks and small sticks. these may be uncomfortable if you are walking around in your tent with your socks on…

    2. Under your air mattress put a piece(s) of carpet to act as a barrier for any rocks your rake may have missed! A series of out-dated “sample” size pieces of carpet are cheap at a carpet store; or a small area rug folds up easily when packed. and you may use a sample size carpet piece for a doormat into your tent–really helps keep the tent clean.

    3. We carry folding breakfast-in-bed trays to serve as night stands or a small “book case” headboard with our air mattress on the floor. Folding trays are just the right height for use with an air mattress.

    4. We use a power strip to plug in all of our phone chargers, and a lamp to read by, at night. (We get a campsite with electricity, instead of a tent site) The new tents have something called an “e-port” or “cord pocket” depending on manufacturer. This is a little pass-thru pocket on the side of the tent just big enough for a electric cord, and you don’t have to leave the zipper open a bit. Our new tent also has a “bathtub” floor design so that the zippered door is a few inches off the ground–which means you need to be able to step over the “threshold” but is better for being snake proof and foils other critters too.

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