1. Virginia Linklater

    My granddaughter who will be a High School senior next year is in the process of making a tiny house. I would love to go here with her family and have her stay in the tiny house! Very cool! Hopefully one day we will get to go there!!

  2. Vicki Kelly

    Cool! I love this article! Thank you! I had wondered if these Tiny Houses had their own bathroom. If it had a shower it probably had a toilet. Tha ks for the info. I loved the earlier article in your Trailways magazine about Tiny Houses.

    Vicki Kelly
    Thousand Trails since the mid 1990s.

  3. Nadine & Roger Vizi

    We have not stayed at a tiny house yet, but Mt Hood Village RV Resort is one of our favorite spots to go camping. We always enjoy our stay. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. The restrooms are always clean. We love all the he hiking trails. Also, if you have a night or morning where you don’t feel like cooking, you can enjoy a wonderful meal at the Dragonfly Cafe. The food and homemade breads are always delicious. Looking forward to our next adventure at Mt Hood Village.

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