Throw an Epic Academy Awards Party!

Throw an Epic Academy Awards Party!

Whether you live in a big mansion or a tiny house, RV or log cabin, you can throw an awesome Academy Awards party. Don’t worry, this won’t require rolling out a literal red carpet, but here are some tips for turning your viewing get together into a fun, interactive party!

Step 1: Make An Oscar Winning Snack

The food itself doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Try this herbal jam recipe is cheap, easy, and will help clear out all the herbs and greens you need to use up in your fridge. Slather this jam on top of a toasted baguette, crostini style (sliced and toasted or grilled), and top that with a dollop of goat or ricotta cheese. These savory party crostinis will be flying off your snack platter, just watch! Plus, can’t forget the popcorn. Make your popcorn sweet and savory by adding chocolate chips or other chocolate candies to the popcorn mix. Serve in whatever bowls you’ve got or get fancy and snag a paper popcorn box or paper bowls and decorate with gold and black stripes. It’ll give your snack a little extra fancy flair! Serve champagne or bubbly cider in champagne glasses.

Step 2: Encourage A Fancy Dress Code & Take Lots-O-Photos!

Ask guests to dress up in their best outfit! Whether they wear a ballgown or bedazzled overalls, it doesn’t matter. Celebrities express themselves on the red carpet, so encourage your guests to express themselves too. If you desire, purchase some cheap, red felt to mimic a red carpet and set up a plain white sheet on the wall and hang gold streamers in the background for a make-shift photo booth!

Make Your Own Photo Booth

Make Your Own Photo Booth

Step 3: Add a Game Element

Want to show off your Oscar movie knowledge? See which one of your friends and family is the best at guessing the award winners by creating a packet for guests with all the nominees for each category. All you need to do is list out each nominee under the respective category and make a space to write in the winners. You can also include extra point questions. During the commercial breaks, have your guests answer a bonus questions like, “Which director can boast the most Oscar wins in history?” or “Which actor has been nominated the most times for an Academy Award but did not receive their first award until last year?” Get creative!  

Whether you decide to shout these out to your guests during the commercial breaks or include them on your question/answer sheet is up to you. Tally up the totals at the end of the night and then (see step 4…)

Step 3: Reward Outstanding Guests with a DIY Oscar Award

This is where you can get REALLY creative! Reward your “winning” guests with unique prizes. You can go easy and provide movie tickets or gift cards to your local theatre, a copy of a DVD of  an Oscar winning film, or a DIY prize that you’ve created yourself!

Make Your Own Oscar Award

Make Your Own Oscar Award

The 89th Academy Awards will air on ABC on February 26. Remember to invite all of your TT member friends for an epic night of cinematic appreciation!

Where will you be watching the Oscars this year? Throwing an epic viewing party? Tell us all about in the comments!



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