1. Lynn Cole

    Your article about hot springs has incorrect information. You state that the Sol Duc hot springs is 1.3 hours from Mt Hood RV – it is much further than that – more like 5 hours. Oceana RV campground is about 3 hours from Sol Duc and you should also mention if someone is going to Sol Duc from La Conner it will include a Ferry ride.

    Thanks for the article about the hot springs though. I didn’t know about the one near bend. Will have to check that one out.

  2. Susan emerson

    There is also Soap Lake in central Washington. A mineral lake with restorative mud that many say relieves arthritis and skin alimemts. Reveered by many Indian tribes. Not too far from Crescent Bar.

  3. Henry and Claire Wagner

    Interest in renting a cabin in September for one week.
    Two adults.
    Please reply with all the information.

    • elsmarketing

      Hi Claire – Feel free to reach out for more information! Please send us an email with your contact information and more details at ttfan@equitylifestyle.com or give our team a call to discuss pricing: 1-877-730-5935

  4. Aileene Edsinger

    Is this hot springs in Oregon a new 1000 trails campground and what are the facilities for ten camping?

    • elsmarketing

      Hi Aileene – unfortunately none of our campgrounds offer hot springs amenities. We wanted to showcase some hot springs locations within a short drive from some of our Thousand Trails parks.

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