1. why do you persist in offering CAMPING gear, like we were crouching over campfires and sleeping in tents. We have large, comfortable RVs. Offer us something useful for that, not hammocks we cannot use, or manual press coffee pots. We have microwaves, Keurigs, satellite dishes and that type of amenities with us.

    • elsmarketing

      Hi Patricia – we’re sorry you feel that way about our list! We thought these were fun new items to consider for any kind of camper. Thanks for the recommendation, we’ll share your feedback with our team to see if we can feature more RV-friendly gadgets next time.

    • DAC

      I don’t understand why you would take the time to criticize someone’s post. Don’t like it? Move on. What a sad, pathetic person you must be.

  2. Laura Hebard


    I found your list very neat and an interesting read. Since we cannot afford a mansion on wheels we have found a lot of happiness in items like these. We are soon to be full time rv-ers and have been reading many articles about how to reduce our footprint without sacrificing too many advantages with technology. I know there are tons of fun camping technology products out there. Anyways thanks for the post.

    Laura H.

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