1. Jerry Correll

    It is sad when you have belonged to Thousand Trails since 1984 and you can not get a reservation for Orlando for the last of December and first of January it is a sad thing when you take care of the public and not your members . It seams as if you care nothing at all about your members .

  2. Eric Uhde

    I Spent last winter in Orlando TT. You make so many good friends there you have to return if for nothing else. This year I am heading West to park hop the Thousand Trails Southern California Parks! I Hope to see some of you there!

  3. Last Vegas is inexpensive in January and February. South Point Casino, Hotel and Spanish is full of entertainment even if you don’t gamble or stay there. With Red Rocks to the west, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam to the east with Death Valley and the Grand Canyon and Zions National Parks, drive a little, see a lot. There’s so much more. Prices go up when Nascar arrives early in March. Time to move on. There is a Thousand Trails and I did drive on.

  4. Mike

    If I were to go south for the winter in my travel trailer, why would I want to stay somewhere that will be limiting me to 14 days with 7 days out? If I winter I don’t want to be uprooted to another park.

  5. Calhoun

    soladad sands canyon is a quick weekend getaway but it is the worst place over half of the electric sites don’t work there is nothing to do. they keep saying their working on it you need pay the campers as they come thru the gate

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