1. Dave

    1. The photo labeled Bemd-Sunriver should be corrected to Bend-Sunriver.
    2. Your “Leave a Reply” says that an email address is not required. However, there is an asterisk in the email field. The asterisk denotes a required field.

  2. Susan Miller

    We were at Bend-Sunriver a couple of weeks and the leaves were changing day-by-day, especially the aspens!

  3. Jim & Brenda langley

    We love Pennsylvania and New England during the fall months. Everything is so colorful. The crisp, cool air make for great fun snuggling around a campfire at night. The skies are so clear in the fall months. Our favorite time of the year to camp.

  4. Lynn Lanham

    Any place in Oregon has beautiful fall foliage but in the mountains it is at its peak ! Bend-Sunriver is a short drive into the mountains and breathtaking views of the changing leaves. From any of our coast parks it is just a heartbeat away from the coastal range and more beautiful fall color. Everyplace you look in Oregon is more fall beauty it is a must see for fall color!

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