1. Ron

    Geocaching makes the world go round just a bit smoother! This is an excellent idea and I will certainly look for caches at TTN. I am happy to see Orlando leads the way!

    • elsmarketing

      We agree, Ron! It’s great to incorporate fun wherever you go. Happy to hear that you are excited about geocaching too!

  2. LaDawna Roberts

    I have been geocaching for several years. It’s great for when you need something to do. It’s easy. I’ve found one at the Twin Mills camping resort.

  3. Suzi Smith

    There is a wonderful bike trail near Kinesee Lake TT, with about 150 geocaches along it. The bike trail itself is a short drive or bike ride from the park.

    There is even a prize if you find enough geocaches and gather the code words for each mile! If you look for one of the bike trail geocaches listed on geocaching.com, the details are provided.

    • elsmarketing

      Nice, Suzi! Prizes for found caches sound like awesome motivation to get out there and do some geocaching.

  4. we’re interested in learning more! we’ll be hitting TT Orlando again after january 2016-will look up activies director Chuck when we get there

  5. Gertrude

    I have not been out of CA resorts. Since I joined TT . I like to go to East coast side. the 1st time.

  6. Terri Doughty

    The biggest geocaching website is geocaching.com though there are other websites. One of the best ways to learn about the area you’re camping in is to stop into an event. Locals are always happy to share their caching experiences and help new cachers out. If you stay at Gettysburg Farm, there is an annual geotrail (several caches that belong together in some way). If you get a passport and find that year’s caches, you can receive a free geocoin. There are lots of geotrails out there! We camp and cache all the time so hopefully we’ll see some more caches near TT campsites and see more campers on the trail.

  7. Randy Dunn

    I have been geocaching since 2005 and I look every place we stay. Now that I’m retired it’s almost a full time job (not really) .

  8. Lauren Ball

    I don’t think I have ever stayed at a TT park that did not have several geocaches within walking distance of the preserve. It’s a great way to find points of interest that you would never discover otherwise. One of my favorite camp activities!

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