1. Ian Jenike

    How are we supposed to hike the trails that you write that may be a weeks trip or more when you are not allowed to leave your RV unattended for even one night?

    I assume you mean to just take a day hike on a portion of the trail.

    • elsmarketing

      Hi Ian,

      Great question! There are many ways to see the trails suggested that are suitable as one day excursions. We do have some readers who do only do camping and do not have their own RV, so those people might be interested in the longer excursions. Thanks for reading!

  2. Dan

    TT Idyllwild, CA. Pacific Crest Trail can be reached by following a un-named trail, I call Pipe Trail because of a ancient pipe that is exposed at times along the trail. Turn right at the pine tree just past the stables, in about a hour at walking over 1.5 miles a hour (average) it connects to Deer Creek Trail, make a left, then in about 20 minutes it connects to Pacific Crest Trail. There are markings along Pipe Trail to keep you from getting lost. But, pay attention when making switch backs. It makes for a good half day hike an is less tha 4 miles round trip, but is just above a moderate level hike with 2000 feet gain. 6800 to 8600 ft elevation.

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