This Fourth of July, we have been granted the glorious three day weekend all working Americans crave. Our plans for the Fourth have been set for awhile now, but what is to be done on the fifth and the sixth?

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Lake of the Springs (Oregon House, CA)

For those of you who are camping, the options are endless. Go for a bike ride, fishing trip, hike, or sit at your campsite and enjoy the day. The Fourth is a day for parties and friends, so spend the next two days relaxing with family. If you can’t figure out what you want to do, have the kids take the lead. Odds are there is a part of the woods they would like to explore, a beach they want to build sandcastles on, or a book they would like you to read to them.  Don’t be afraid to leave your campsite and go into town. Check out the festivities in the towns surrounding your campground before leaving, and experience a day as the locals do! It’s a great way to recuperate, entertain kids, and experience the town.

For those staying home this holiday weekend, the best way to make the weekend feel like a vacation is to avoid routines. Eat somewhere you have never eaten before, go into the nearest city, or go on a day trip. Pack up the car with your BBQ leftovers (and the family, of course) and go for a picnic in the park. If you wish you were camping, but were unable to get away, set up a tent in your backyard. It isn’t exactly camping, but it will give you the taste for camping that you have been yearning for.

The fireworks and BBQs will end on Friday, but that doesn’t mean you have to be done with your holiday weekend. Keep up your festivities by spending time relaxing with the people you love most.

How are you planning to spend the holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments!