padAll good campers should be prepared and having a handy checklist of items you should make note of is a good start to ensuring you’re on the right road. Here are a few tips for your list.

  1. Be flexible: While it’s important to stay on schedule during the road trip, do not let the schedule interfere with how comfortable everyone is. Make a reasonable amount of rest stops and encourage all passengers to stretch their legs.
  2. Take the scenic route: A key benefit of a road trip is that you’re given the opportunity to control the path you take. Take a moment to check out some of the key sites along the way. If one road offers a better view, grant yourself that view. The trip can be part of the fun, too!
  3. Listen to traffic reports: Avoid stress by steering clear of large traffic jams. Be proactive and realize that you may be hitting a large city during rush hour. See if you can spend a little more time at a site along the way or get an earlier start to avoid it. But if you do hit an unexpected traffic jam, don’t let it ruin the trip. Remember Tip 1: be flexible!
  4. Check your tires: Sounds pretty basic, right? Save yourself the stress of a tire blowout by taking a few minutes to check your tires before hitting the road. Our Facebook fan Christine D. suggests checking the pressure on both the tow vehicle and the RV. Facebook fan Kathleen W. suggests running your hands along both sides of the tires to check for nicks and bulges. Don’t forget to check the pressure on any spares, too!
  5. Save on snacks: While the .99 cent bag of Cheetos is always tempting, pack a cooler and supply of snacks purchased at your local grocery store. Oftentimes, you end up paying for convenience at the gas stations along the way, which can add up!

Finally, as Facebook fan Linda L. reminded us, the number of miles isn’t as important as the fun along the way. Relax, and enjoy the ride!