1. Randy Shelton

    Hey; Looks great. Just sold our 1996 fifth wheel, perhaps these cabins will save me from buying a new one. Just saying…

  2. Michael J Ficarelli

    I’m glad to see that they are getting some more rentals, we’ve decided to rent the cabins instead of buying another trailer, we looked at what it cost to buy a new one and what it would cost to rent, the renting won, only bad part is you can’t just pack and go you have to make sure you can get a cabin.

  3. B. L. / Billie Coleman

    The new ones look very nice in Orlando.

    When will you be adding new cabins to Forest Lake Preserve and Green Mountain, both in NC. The cabins are so bad they should be torn down and burned. No way will I ever stay in those again! What a shame!

  4. D. McDougal

    Great news! With the price of RVs and gas, rentals are the way to go! Many campers have dogs; it would be nice if rentals accomodated crate-trained dogs. A hefty deposit/credit card could be mandatory to cover any damages.

  5. Sharon Adkins

    So happy to hear Thousand Trails is adding new rental units! There are not NEARLY enough!

    Would love to see more (the larger ones especially) at the Leavenworth preserve. There are only four currently and they are very small and have been there for many years. Took away the trailers that held 8 and the others that were along the pond. Need to replace them too! For those of us who don’t have an RV we must rent. Too many wanting to rent for the number of rentals at every preserve I’ve been to or wanted to go to.

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