Halloween FunOur preserves just love to celebrate Halloween. We’ve got haunted trails, haunted barns, haunted forests and everything haunted that you can imagine. Costume and decorating contests are big too so we thought we’d provide you a few new ideas for decorating your site as well as yourself!

Site Decorations

Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your digs or rigs. Here are some easy ideas that make your temporary space as scary as the house next door.

Use washable paint to decorate your rig with spooky characters, including bats, witches and black cats.
String colored Halloween lights and stretch fake spider webbing around the site. Place one or two scary “spiders” within the web.


When you’re traveling you don’t want to take up precious space with all the things needed to create a great Halloween costume so here are a few ideas for simple costumes.

Smarty Pants – Pin or glue rolls of Smarties candies to your pans. When the party’s over you can enjoy the candies!
Jackson Pollock – just pack a pair of paint spattered overalls and carry some paint brushes and you can tell everyone you are the famed abstract painter.
Tourist – it may be overdone, but it’s always fun to strap a camera around your neck and look like you’re lost.
Zombie – jump on the zombie bandwagon by painting your face white and adding some fake blood for effect. Walk around in a trance and you’re done!