What is your Best Camping Memory?

When we all get together at Thousand Trails it’s nothing but fun for us all!
– Ellen E.

This can be said very easy, short and to the point! There are so many fond memories camping with my family as I grew up! However, my favorite camping memory was as a father and husband when I realized that I was creating those memories for my family!
– Scott D.

 When my son was sitting at the campfire with us and I say to him, “it’s getting close to curfew.  You only have about 45 minutes to go see what the other kids are up to.”  And he replies, “You know what, mom?  I’m really enjoying our conversation right now, so I think I wanna just hang out here with you.”  Love how you can connect with your kids while camping, sitting around the fire and just talking about any old thing, and they don’t even realize how great that is to a parent.  Made my whole camping trip wonderful! 🙂
-Stephanie B

We have been members for 30 years so it is hard to pick a favorite, so it would have to be when our daughter got married in Las Vegas and we hosted their reception at TT Las Vegas.  Everyone was so nice and helpful and we all had a great time.
-Dot M.

Spent too many years deploying and being separated from my family.  Now we go out once a month to spend some family time together.  We just joined TT and will be heading out for our first trip to Wilderness Lakes next week.  Here’s a recent picture of horseshoes with my boy…it doesn’t get much better than this.
-Mike H.

One of our all time favorite memories of our camping experience is a recent stay at Medina Lake.  As we were driving out of the preserve, I happened to see a doe who had just given birth to a baby fawn and we watched the baby getting up and taking its first steps!  How exciting and what a miracle!  There is nothing more beautiful than nature!  Here are a few pics that were taken.
-Allan K.

This past summer we went to Yosemite Lakes for 5 days.  We had a site right on the river  I have a 9-year-old that has high functioning autism and an athletic 4-year-old.  My 9-year-old learned how to ride a 2 wheeler without training wheels our second day there.  So both boys were riding the loops over and over.  Both my kids rafted from the bridge to our site multiple times.  They also caught rainbow trout.  Normally they won’t eat fish but they were gobbling it up when it was hot off the grill.  My husband and I have very demanding jobs so for us to escape with our boys and create adventures at Thousand Trails is something that will continue for years to come.
-Kristin S.
My best camping moment was in 2005 when my husband proposed to me around the campfire on the Chesapeake in front of our entire camping group.
-Michelle A.

Favorite camping memory is when I was a teenager my grandparents took me and my sisters and brother to Orlando in their motorhome! On the way home, from a week of fun in Orlando, the motorhome broke down in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, on interstate 95.  My grandmother tried to make the best of the situation by cooking us lunch and we ate outside in the grass next to the highway in lawn chairs.  My grandmother has since passed, but we all still talk about that time camping!
-John F.

My fondest memories are from my childhood.  I was the youngest of 5 siblings, I was always the one who “hung out” with my dad and uncle.  Fishing, camping, etc. The fondest and funniest was when we were camping, and this was an old army tent – no bottom, leaky, etc. – It had begun to rain and with no floor, the water came in like a river, soaking everything including me. I spent a miserably wet weekend, but I would do it all again.  My dad passed away in 1995, but I think of that outing often.
-Donna H.

So…we just got home from making another of our priceless camping memories!  We spent this past weekend at the LaConner Thousand Trails celebrating Halloween LaConner style! This was our 4th LaConner Halloween.  It has become our family’s Halloween tradition…our 4 kids LOVE it!  We love the site decorating and the site to site trick or treating…the kids have so much fun they now bring friends AND we invited other Thousand Trails members who had never had the ‘Halloween Experience.’ We got them hooked!  Our trip next Halloween will be that much more fun…the more the merrier at LaConner’s Halloween Bash!  There is something for everyone, young and old.  We even saw some trick or treaters who were ‘young at heart.’  It was a good time, and again we made priceless memories that will be with us, long after our children move on.  Thank you, LaConner staff!
-Jeff & Casey S.

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  1. Linda Warner

    We are new Thousand Trails members and we really enjoyed our stay at two wonderful parks in Ohio. Both Wilmington and Kenisee Lake boasted clean facilities, a great variety of things to do, friendly and helpful camp rangers and beautiful campsites. They should be the poster camps for what camping should be. We are looking forward to more such experiences.

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