National Poetry MonthNow that March has passed and April is here, spring has officially sprung. With the warming of the weather, the chirps of our feathered friends and the return of the leaves on the trees, nature serves as the perfect inspiration for any poet. Since 1996, National Poetry Month has been held in April, a time when poets, booksellers, writers, schools and literary organizations come together to celebrate the artistic trade of poetry.

With so many of our preserves nestled in beautiful locals, we decided to give all of you a chance to try your hand at poetry this month. What’s at stake? A camping pack: blanket, travel mug and backpack! Sit down while you’re at a preserve and take a moment to look around and soak in the natural inspiration that surrounds you.

Send your poems to by Friday, April 20. We’ll share the winning poem in the May newsletter! There isn’t a poem style requirement, so please feel free to submit anything from a haiku to a limerick, or couplet to diamante.

We’ll kick this off by sharing a poem we received the other day from Outdoor World member Ralph W. Emerson (no, not that Ralph W. Emerson). Enjoy!

It’s cold outside and we all need a break,
Really can’t wait to be camping by the Lake.

So light up the campfires, fire up the grill,
It won’t be long before it’s all real.

Whether it’s a tent, popup, trailer or a 5’er,
We must be descendants of a guy named McGyver.

Fun on the lake, lying by the pool,
Plenty of ways to always stay cool.

So goodbye old man Winter, bring on the Spring,
We’re missing our campers and ready for a fling.

We climb on the jet skis, ride in the boat,
Go by the island, might see a goat.

We will smell the aromas, grill with charcoal,
& challenge each other to a game of cornhole.

If you have a son, grant him his wish,
Let’em reel in a big ol’ catfish.

Though she can fish, but she is your daughter,
She probably would rather sun by the water.

One thing for sure, from Spring to Fall,
We will be camping, and having a ball.

Sitting by the lake, we will be chillaxin,
Beverage and a campfire, man I’m relaxin.

The peace and the serenity of Outdoor World,
Looking forward to the season, just me and my girl.

So remember friends, we’re family at ODW,
Our home away from home, sure do Luvya.