Northwest Zone

NW-LaConnerWashington is the big winner here! And luckily, there are 12 Thousand Trails locations to choose from.

It’s almost Canada — that’s how close Birch Bay is to our friends up north so it’s the perfect spot to explore this corner of the world. If you want to go coastal, consider Crescent Bar, La Conner, Long Beach, or Oceana while mountain lovers should take a look at Leavenworth and Mt. Vernon. And that’s just seven of 12 – there’s a lot more Washington waiting for you. Check out the the Thousand Trails website at for more locations and details.

On the Calendar

Enjoy Derby Day fun at Pacific City as they host their Run for the Roses event on May 4. Enjoy the Kentucky Derby on the big screen TV. Bring your favorite Derby snack to share or enjoy their Cuatro de Mayo chips and salsa.

Attend the 57th Annual Newport Loyalty Days Celebration, May 2-5 when visiting Whalers Rest. Along with the annual parade, the Newport Loyalty Day’s festivities this year will again include the Field of Flags, the Queen’s Coronation, Davis Show Carnival, car shows hosted throughout town, Coast Hills Running Club’s Fun Run, Vietnam Veterans’ remembrance with our annual Reading of the Names and the Coast Hills Mt. Bike Race. Held in Newport, just 5 minutes north of the preserve. For information call (541) 961-1466.

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